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Floor repair


Floor repair

Your wood floors are your pride and joy – but no matter how careful you are, there still will be times when damage can occur. When you require floor repair in Marietta or Alpharetta call on Dalton Flooring Gallery. We Can Help!

Floor repair in Marietta and Alpharetta, GA

There's no need to replace your wood floors. Call us today, and we'll take a look at your wood or other floor and give you floor repair options. We'll also provide you with an estimate. Whether you have a solid wood floor or other type of floor, Dalton Flooring Gallery is the company to call for prompt and professional floor repair.

Dalton Flooring Gallery can usually offer an appropriate repair, recoat, or replacement of your damaged area. So you can relax and ensure your home is always looking fantastic. The big box stores and the surplus outlets avoid these types of calls because they don't have the expertise to handle them. We have the experience to repair your floor quickly and efficiently.



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